The construction needs and wishes of our respected clients are the main reason of our existence. We offer you everything we do exceptionally well. More information on the services we provide in the following list:

  • Factory buildings assembled of elements and room elements
  • Any kind of carpentry work
  • We have the best cooperation partners for all general construction works
  • We cover facades with wood or plaster
  • We install windows and doors and assemble furniture
  • We install parquet flooring and perform baseboard and base shoe works
  • We construct outdoor terraces, staircases and circumferences
  • Our newest service – installation of PVC roof covering material

Montage of panel houses

Our Team has long-term experience in the montage of private and apartment houses made of single elements or room elements. Montage of pre-fabricated wall and roof elements on site takes place according to a previously compiled montage plan. The most important factor is proper preparation concerning the montage team, technical descriptions and plans, and montage equipment.

The main aim is to ensure the assembled house elements and the box, are water-proof. Generally the assembly of wall elements includes the installation of windows and doors, the finishing of the facade, partial plaster works on the inside, and the construction of a wind break structure. Much attention is paid on safety while performing montage works on a crane.


Our carpenters have long work experience and have become the best experts in their field. Most of our team members are passionate carpenters who are always motivated to take the challenge of achieving an excellent result – only a true masterpiece will do! A selection of their works is visible on our webpage, under the menu “References”.

General construction

We have many partners in other construction companies with whom we have achieved good results on previous projects. Our partners are capable of offering modern and affordable construction solutions, including laying foundations, piping works, electricity works, low-current works, installation security and guard equipment, roof works, and also interior decor and paintwork.


Mainly, we perform two types of facade construction and finishing works. Our daily and customary work in existing construction sites is the construction of wooden facades, the construction of wind break structures, as well as the construction of balcony circumferences and terraces.

We employ specialist plasterers, who are able to successfully execute different facade insulation and plastering works.

Installation of doors and windows

The installation of windows and doors includes the installation of products according to the requirements set by the manufacturing factory corresponding to the requirements and technical solutions set by the designer and the architect. Generally the installation service includes also insulation, the finishing works of internal and outside lining, windowsills, flashing, and, if necessary, also the utilization of construction debris; if so agreed, also the disassembly of old windows.

Parquet installation

Our carpenters have long experience in the construction and finishing works of different types of parquet flooring. Generally each parquet manufacturer issues very precise instructions and requirements to be followed in installing floor covering. A selection of the works of our team is visible on our webpage, under the menu “References”.

Terrace construction

Terraces are mostly constructed on stakes. Terrace foundation must be constructed below the freezing line of the soil, at least one meter in depth. The earth below the terrace is best to be completely excavated of the soil in order to be filled with sand – this will help to avoid later plant growth below the terrace. Impregnated wood is used for terrace construction. Terrace flooring is either even or fluted. Fluted boards gather more rubbish in its flutes, but are visibly more pleasing. The board are fixed with hot-dip zinc countersunk-head nail or with special screws.


PVC is roof material in case of which the roof is covered with a PVC roof layer instead of the more common bitumen layer. The advantage of using PVC lies in its high level of resistance. One layer of PVC is equal in strength to two layers of common bitumen covering. PVC cover is installed using special machines and hot air blowers and differently from the installation of the bitumen layer, open flame is not used in PVC installation. We use SIKAPLAN PVC roof materials. The warranty for the materials is 15 years and for the executed works 5 years.